The Love Actually Experience

The ULTIMATE romantic wedding surprise


The following prices are to be used as a guide only. 
Whilst we feel that they are an accurate indication of our charges you must keep in mind that you may need to add in additional fees to cover travel, overnight accommodation if needed, and refreshments for the performers if you are considering the full option including the singing waiters act.

We are always happy to prepare a full and detailed quotation for you for your big day.

Price Guides 2019

The Love Actually Experience 
2 x Singers $995.00
3 x Singers $1245.00
4 x singers $1495.00

The Love Actually Experience & 30 min. Cabaret drinks reception package
2 x Singers $1295.00
3 x Singers $1595.00
4 x Singers $1795.00

The Love Actually Experience & Singing Waiters package
3 x Singers $2995.00
4 x Singers $3295.00

Travel Charges:

  • Travel costs will be added to the performance fee  using Google maps route planner mileage. We calculate the total return journey from our offices in Perth.

Overnight Accommodation:

  • If the event location is ‘Budget’ style overnight accommodation for our singers. This cost will be in addition to the set singing fees.

Rider Requirements

  • Basic refreshments would be appreciated at the event - such as bottled water, juice and a food platter (fruit, sandwiches etc)
  • If possible, a suitable secure room to be used as a changing area for the singers would be appreciated. We arrive 1 hour before guests and may have to wait 4 or more hours before performing.

Additional Requirements Information:

  • Access for at least 1 (one) vehicle (People Carrier) to loading/ unloading area -, to be within a reasonable distance of the performance area.