The Love Actually Experience

The ULTIMATE romantic wedding surprise


Here comes the bride

The 'Love Actually Experience'

This is our original option and can feature 2,3,4 or more surprise wedding singers. We arrive at the church or venue approximately one hour before any guests are due. 
We set up a discreet PA system and then liaise with the minister about our performance to come. We are very respectful of the occasion and have never been refused permission to sing. 
Our singers take up their positions around the church / venue and then mingle with your wedding guests. At the given point in the service we stand and begin to sing your chosen songs. Usually this is 'All You Need is Love' by the Beatles as shown in the famous film. This is followed by one or two more songs of your choice which covers the time taken for all your guests to leave the service

The 'Love Actually Experience' & Cabaret drinks reception. 

This is our most popular option by far. We set up for the actual wedding as described above. Having performed our famous 'Love Actually Experience' we quickly remove the PA system from the ceremony area and go along to the venue for the wedding reception. Here we re-erect the PA ready for you and your guests arrival for the drink reception. Our singers now perform 30 minute cabaret of love songs or songs of your choice.

The 'Love Actually Experience' & Bravo Singing Waiters 

The 'Love Actually Experience' team of singers are also performers for our sister company Bravo Singing Waiters

We have found that by combining the two acts we are able to offer our Happy Couple a superb value for money option for unique entertainment that certainly carries the WOW factor for the day.

We supply 2 or 3 singers who will perform the Love Actually experience at your wedding service. They then sing for 30 minuets at the drink reception. During this time one or two other singers will be dressed as waiters and will be serving the drinks and also the various courses of the wedding breakfast.

As the dessert course is served our 'singing waiters' burst into song. During the second song the 'Love ActuallyExperience' singers ( now dressed in similar waiters uniforms) join them.

The Singing Waiters really get the party going and are the perfect warm up for the speeches to come!